Wow, Apparently Sleeping Leaning to the Left Has Health Benefits for the Body

Do you know? Sleep is not just resting time, you.

During sleep, our bodies balance and regulate vital organ systems, friends. This affects breathing, circulation, growth, and the immune system.

Sleep is also very much needed by our brain because our brain works when other parts of the body rest.

Therefore, sleeping with enough time according to age and daily activities is important.

Children aged six to 13 years like us need 9 to 11 hours of sleep at night, friends.

That’s when the body needs to carry out activities to regulate vital organ systems while we sleep.

It would be better if we sleep well and quality. For example, keep the room temperature cool and condition a dark room.

In addition to sleep time and quality of sleep, there are ways we can do to get other health benefits during sleep, namely our sleeping position.

Have you ever slept facing left? Apparently there are benefits to health, you. Come on, find out!

1. Prevent Mag Disease


Sleeping facing the left side can reduce mag symptoms, or any other gastric complaints. This is especially true when someone is eating spicy or sour food.

By lying to the left, the force of gravity forces stomach acid into the stomach hole, and does not turn it towards the esophagus. Meanwhile, the risk that might occur if we sleep facing the right side.

2. Prevent Snoring


We can also try sleeping facing the left side to get relief, and prevent snoring, friends. Because the sleeping position facing left opens the airway, keeping the tongue and throat muscles in a neutral position.

Instead, sleeping on your back pushes these muscles to the back of the throat, causing the sound to snore when we try to breathe.

3. Preventing Digestive Problems


Lying to the left side also called can improve digestive problems, by reducing the burden on the liver (liver).

This condition will stimulate bile flow, and increase absorption of nutrients.

4. Cleansing Toxins in the Lymph Glands


John Douillard, a practitioner of ayurveda (Indian health science) explains, the left side of the body is the dominant lymphatic side. He explained, the majority of body lymph fluid flows to the thoracic duct, which is located on the left side of the body.

Therefore, John Douillard believes sleeping facing the left side will stimulate the disposal of poisons from the lymph nodes.

5. Improve Brain Health


Researchers also found that sleeping to the left side will help the brain filter out “waste” and can even help prevent certain health problems, friends.

Called, serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s can be prevented by sleeping facing left, friends.

Alzheimer’s is a disease that results in a decrease in memory and brain thinking ability, which usually occurs in elderly parents.

6. Improve Blood Circulation


Sleeping position on the left side is also believed to be able to improve blood circulation throughout the night.

Because, sleeping on the left side will suppress the vena cava (the largest blood vessel in the body), which is located on the right side of the body, to supply more blood to the side of the heart.

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