What is Happiness? – How do You Define JOY

I ran a competition in “Your Daily Dose of Joy” to see just how people specify joy. I was shocked to find that I am the only person who specifies happiness as an additional aiding of cheesecake.

There were various other shockers, too.

We know that cash cannot buy happiness … except, certainly, when we are flat broke. But I figured several people would define joy, at the very least in part, as a bulging safe-deposit box or “economic liberty”. Just three people pointed out cash in their meanings of joy.

I also figured many individuals would certainly cite health and wellness as part of their definition of joy, as in “health, wealth, and also joy”. But only four people discussed wellness.

What is Happiness


No health? No riches? How do individuals define joy?

The top rated mention mosts likely to household. It appears that we may be level broke and deathly ill, yet a caring family will make us happy all the same.

Selflessness and generosity are also essential. It appears we smile by making others grin. Isn’t really that nice? No wellness and no wealth. Simply smile.

Belief scores large, also. This works out effectively, since we could ask our loving family members to pray for a fast recuperation and a big win in El Gordo following month (thinking we recoup first).

Just what does this mean? It implies the spammers have it all incorrect. They maintain sending us pointless e-mails concerning generating income.

A regular spam message claims, “Obtain the insider secrets to making millions on the Internet. I will offer you these important secrets for peanuts even if I like your smile so much. You could make $5,433 in the next hour if you act currently. Rush. Don’t wait. This is the real point. You can trust me. All the others are just fraudsters.”

Rather, spammers should be sending out deals like, “Obtain the expert trick to developing a loving family members on the net. I will certainly offer you these valuable tricks for peanuts (and a big online hug) just because I love your smile a lot. You might like your youngsters, spouses, uncles, moms and dads, family pets – anybody! – in the next hour if you act now. Hurry. Don’t wait. This is the real point. You could trust me. All the others are simply family members coordinators.”


Spammers also lose emails on changing body parts we never had as well as improving body components we can never ever have, when just what we truly desire is to understand God better.

Below is a common spammer e-mail: “Hair loss? We just released the miracle cure. Grow your hair back thicker than a wooly monstrous preparing for the next glacial period. This deserves a billions dollars, but you get it cost-free for simply dimes a day. Give me your credit card number prior to midnight tonight. I can’t afford to supply this cost for long. Be careful counterfeit items that leak amusing colors in your face or make hair expand in all the wrong locations. This is the real point!”

Instead, spammers should be stating: “Faithless? Schedule your luncheon with the Pope, dinner with the Dalai Lama as well as an individually chat with Moses. Get your seat totally free for just a handful of cents. Offer me your charge card number before twelve o’clock at night tonight. Act currently. I cannot manage to offer this price for long. Be careful phony bookings for meetings with Michael Jackson and other phony gods. This is the genuine thing!”

Definition of Joy


By the way, Mother earth was additionally a part of many definitions of joy. So take your household down by the river for a petition. As well as if you could offer a helping hand to a chipmunk or a duck, you’ll be the best definition of happiness.

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