7+ Minimalist Seating for Your Minimalist Home

Seating is an important part of home furniture.

Both the form of chairs and sofas, this furniture is like a must-have to be placed in the living room, family room, or in the bedroom.

Minimalist seating is now popular for those who have a house with a minimalist concept.

The form is a simple but modern and make your home more impressive.

Minimalist Seating for Your Minimalist Home

1. Modern Midcentury

seating area

Mid-century modern is a chair model that combines classic concepts but looks modern.

The shape is long with 4 legs.

Usually the legs are made of wood with a simple shape and without curves.

On the sofa, this chair has two arms, two backrest pillows and two cushions.

This sofa usually appears in dark blue, black and gray.

2. Recliner


This sofa model emphasizes the comfort side because of its large and soft type.

Recliner does not have support legs and looks bulky. On each side is the shape of a soft arm.

Generally, this sofa can accommodate up to 3 adults to sit on it.

Recliner is suitable for seating in the family room.

3. Daybed

seating plan

This one has a look which is similar to a single bed.

The armrests are only on one side and the backret is only in half of chair.

The length of the chair is usually up to 2 meters so that adults are comfortable enough to lie on it.

Usually the purchase of seats is given a soft cushion as a bonus and  ideal for head pillows.

4. Lawson style

a seating area
Zuri Furniture

Lawson has a design similar to a recliner because it looks bulky.

The difference is, on each side has small legs as a support.

Cushion for backrest and sitting has a very thick design so it is comfortable to rest on it.

You can also add additional pillows that are smaller than the main cushion.

Other sofa pictures can be seen at https://insinyurbangunan.com/.

5. Bridgewater

seating arrangements

This seating is classic because the back has many round small stitches.

The legs are hidden behind the fabric as a front skirt.

The arm part is very short and roll-shaped.

For those of you who want a living room with a minimalist and classic concept, bridgewater can be your choice.

6. Low-seat

seating klep

As the name implies, low-seat has a very low level.

The legs are short and the cushion is not as thick as a recliner.

Besides being long, low-seat also has a wide size.

This chair is ideally placed anywhere, both the living room, the bedroom beside the lemari pakaian, even the family room.

The main function of low-seat is a place to relax.

7. Loveseat

Loveseat is a chair that is suitable for two people.

The size is medium with supporting legs underneath made of plastic or iron.

The model is boxy, especially on the arms. However, the cushion for the back and seat is quite thick, soft and comfortable.

This chair is ideal for use in the living room.

The sofa still becomes people’schoice because it is more comfortable than chairs for furniture in the living room.

Minimalist seating now emphasizes convenience and multifunction.

Besides to receiving guests, these seating can be transformed like a bed to rest.

For owners of studio space, a minimalist sofa can be the right choice for you.

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