The Most Essential Knitting Tools and Materials

Knitting is an activity that is commonly performed by women. Many also do these activities only as a hobby or just a fad utilizing the empty time. Indeed, knitting is an activity which is quite exciting. But, many also do because of economic motives.

Therefore below will be tas rajut described the tools for knitting and other auxiliaries. As follows :


Hakpen is the main equipment when knitting. If there is no hakpen means instead of knitting his name. One of the Hakpen available there are branded Rose. Brand Rose is quite popular among the beginner knitter. Because the price is still relatively cheap. So if you’re tired of knitting will not be too disappointed if you buy hakpen it.


The thread that will be easy to use by beginners is cotton yarn, to teamed up was also not just any cotton, teamed up mandatory policherry. Why should the type of cotton policherry? Because the cotton yarn is very suitable to be formed into a bag, purse, or doll. The texture of the yarn is soft but strong and the color was good.

Needle Embroidery

What is the difference between a needle and embroidery needle? Needle embroidery is generally shaped larger (but not too large). The end is blunt and the hole threads are slightly larger and golden in color. For the needle embroidery is generally used to unify the results of the knitted one knitted the other. Or it could be to hide the thread remaining on the knitted.

Sewing Thread

Functions on the sewing thread here is to sew the parts or sides scattered. Can also to sew the zipper in a knitted purse.


To cut the knitting yarn should You use lighters. Why should it be matches? Because the knitting yarn is vulnerable once brodol, so You need matches to be able to cut the thread so that the results of neat pieces. This is also related on the material of yarn containing elements of plastic, so it will be easy to fit if.

Helper Tool Knit

In addition to tools as well as the above materials, when knitting also needed tools and auxiliary materials to be able to facilitate You in knitting. Tools as well as materials which are often used when knitting, among others :
• Safety pin knitting. Tool knitting tas rajut this one serves to mark parts of a knitted which You have created. For example to be able to mark the section where You start knitting so You will know where You should stop .

• Knitting needles. Knitting needles will be useful to spruce up the rest of the thread at the end of the knitted. With knitting needles, You become easier to be able to tuck the rest-the rest of the thread so as not to look as well as knit will be neater. Knitting needles are generally shaped like the shape of a hand sewing needle ordinary but have a threaded hole which is somewhat larger as well as there are made of plastic materials .

• A pair of scissors. Of course, You need a pair of scissors to use as thread cutter knitting. But just remember, some types of threads are best cut with put on the fire.

• Lighters. There are several types of thread which when cut with the scissors will break or it could be released if cut by using a lighter, You can overcome these things

• A ruler or a tape measure. In the activity of knitting, specify a size is crucial especially on the project that is wearable as well as baby shoes, hats, and so forth. Therefore, we must measure our project so that the result is not oversized nor too small .

Then the discussion about tas rajut the tools needed to make project is knitted. Hope can help the readers of all in getting to know the world of knitting is primarily a tool of the knitting itself. Thank you.

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