How Ought to You Pet A Cat? Right here’s How You Can Be Positive You’ll Stay On Fluffy’s Good Aspect

Even tried and true cat folks will admit that cats aren’t precisely identified for his or her unconditional love. Not like their canine counterparts, kitties are sometimes sluggish to point out affection, fast to remind their people that they are simply high-quality with out them, and discerning about who they select to spend their time with.

Because of this, if you happen to really wish to cozy as much as a cat, it’s worthwhile to make sure that you have got the appropriate strategy. Not all petting strategies, for instance, are created equal. So how do you have to pet a cat to maximise your probabilities for human/feline bonding?

Buddies of cats — and aspiring pals of cats — concentrate, since you want all the assistance you may get to cozy as much as these cute, unbiased creatures.

Cat habits specialist Pam Johnson-Bennett famous on her web site that the cat group’s repute for being aloof (the one I so shamelessly repeated above) might not be totally truthful, particularly since they are often fairly affectionate when approached appropriately.


“Most cats additionally get pleasure from being petted and touched, however there are proper and improper methods to do it,” she wrote. So, touching a cat the improper means can antagonize kitties, prompting them to scratch or chunk out of safety or discomfort.

Naturally, we wish to keep away from that by setting everybody concerned up for a profitable, loving interplay.

Let’s take issues step-by-step, as a result of — in case you have not figured it out but — cat-petting etiquette is definitely much more particular than you would possibly suppose.

Respect The Cat’s Boundaries

Apparently, we’re not the one species that places a excessive premium on private area. In response to Johnson-Bennett, there shall be occasions when a cat simply needs to be left alone.

Once you fail to choose up on cues which may point out this — the cat sitting alone on the window, or hanging out underneath the mattress (or in different clearly “people-free” areas) — you danger an unfriendly interplay along with your feline pal.

Observe Your Cat’s Lead

Johnson-Bennett famous {that a} cat’s habits and physique language also can offer you a touch as to how open it’s to affection at any given time. If it rubs up towards your leg, kneads at you,or jumps as much as sit with you on the sofa, it is in all probability a protected time for some petting.

Let The Cat Sniff You


This step is especially essential if you happen to’re coping with an unfamiliar animal, but it surely does not harm to make it a behavior even with your individual pets. WIkiHow recommends that you just prolong a hand or finger and watch for the cat to the touch his nostril to it.

If it seems to be at you suspiciously or walks away, now won’t be the perfect time for some pettin’. If it meows or continues to work together with you, you are good to maneuver on to the subsequent step!

Focus On The Proper Spots

Per Vetstreet, cats most get pleasure from being petted within the areas the place their scent glands are concentrated. Scratching these spots makes their environments scent acquainted and offers them an opportunity to mark you with their very own private aroma.

Give attention to petting the bottom of the cat’s chin and ears, the cheeks behind their whiskers, and the bottom of their tail.

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