4 Amazing Guest Bedroom Ideas (Leads to Warm Impression)

Now, you might look for some guest bedroom ideas for your home. Decorating a guest bedroom is really important since it will represent the homeowner’s character. It is really recommended to have a welcoming decoration.

While having a family or friend staying at your house, of course you want them to leave a good impression. Here are several decoration ideas which suit rooms of any size, including a small bedroom.

Airy and Light Guest Bedroom

Having an airy bedroom leaves fresh and welcoming impressions. The point of this room is a large window which lets the sunlight dominating the room. This ventilation also gives a sense of freedom which can make your guest feel comfortable and relax.

To add the warm impression of the room, having a wood-themed floor is suggested. Then, two small beds with white covers and some cushions will make it even greater.

Don’t forget to put a painting on the wall. For the last touch, a small table near the window with a lamp on it will make the guest room looks perfect.

Farmhouse and Classic Guest Bedroom

Classic Guest Bedroom

One of the most famous guest bedroom ideas is a farmhouse theme. It is simple, yet comfortable. The main point is by having fabrics with the same design which cover some parts of the room. Little strips will be perfect for it. Those fabrics can be put as curtains and also decorations for the wall.

Besides having fabrics as the decoration, having a full-white bed will support this theme. It is good to use a medium bed which is made from wood. Put the bed between two red desks. Then, have another red in some objects, for example, on the ceiling and curtains.

Neutral and Mature Guest Bedroom

Light Guest Bedroom

The next one is inspired by maturity concept. This concept lays on the neutral color which covers almost all parts of the room. Use these colors on your floor, wall, ceiling, and all objects inside the room. There are some colors which can be used for this idea. They include:

  • white
  • soft gray
  • crisp white

Don’t forget to put some neutral-colored sofas there. Having a neutral palette on your room will give a soft impression. In addition, white looks perfect on a small room. Therefore, this concept is one of the best small bedroom ideas to be applied to your guest bedroom.

Rustic and Green Guest Bedroom

Last but not least, there is a green concept. It will give a rustic impression which is comfortable and relaxing. The main focus lies on the rustic effects given by some items. Green and brown make a great combination for rustic a theme. For example, you can have a wood bed with a green bed cover.

Besides green and brown, other soft colors are possible to be applied. For example, soft yellow will match the ceiling well. Then, soft grey suits the floor and a table lamp. Rustic gives a fresh and lovely impression. That’s why this concept is one of the best guest bedroom ideas.






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