Function of World Map That You Must Know!

A map is defined as a representation. Usually on a flat surface, from all or part of an area. The task of the map is to describe the spatial relationships of special features on the map to represent the destination. There are various types of maps that try to represent certain things.

You will often see or even use maps,but you may still have difficulty describing the meaning of the map. Actuallyyou don’t need to memorize the definition of a map. Just by looking at the mapyou should be able to define the map. Function of world map that canmake you easier to travel around the world.

Function of world map

Understanding maps in general is an illustration of the surface of the earth drawn on a flat plane. Which is minimized on a certain scale and has symbols as explanatory. Have you understood the meaning of the map? Easy isn’t it? Some experts define maps with various meanings. But in essence all have the same core and purpose. Here are some understanding of maps from experts.

According to ICA (International Cartographic Association)

Maps are images or representations of abstract appearance elements selected from the surface of the earth. That have to do with the surface of the earth or celestial bodies. Which are generally depicted on a flat and scaled plane.

According to Aryono Prihandito (1988)

Map is a picture of the earth’s surface with a certain scale, drawn on a flat plane through a certain projection system.

According to Erwin Raisz (1948)

Maps are a conventional description of the appearance of a minimized earth. Like its appearance when viewed vertically from above. Made on a flat plane and added writings as explanatory.

According to the National Survey and Mapping Coordination Agency (Bakosurtanal 2005)

Maps are a vehicle for storing andpresenting data on environmental conditions. Is a source of information forplanners and decision makers at the stages and levels of development.

Whatis The Main Function of World Map?

Function of world map

By using maps, we can know everything that is on the surface of the earth. Such as the location of a region, distance between cities, the location of mountains, rivers, lakes, rice fields, highways, airports, and so on. The appearance drawn on the map can be divided into two. Namely natural appearance and man-made appearance (culture).

In general, functions of world map can be summarized as follows:

  • Shows the position or location of a place on the surface of the earth.
  • Shows the size (area, distance) and direction of a place on the surface of the earth.
  • Describe the forms on the surface of the earth, such as continents, countries, mountains, rivers and other forms.
  • Helping researchers before conducting a survey to determine the condition of the area to be studied.
  • Presenting data about the potential of a region.
  • Analysis tool to get a conclusion.
  • A tool for explaining proposed plans.
  • Tools for studying the reciprocal relationship between phenomena (symptoms) of geography on the surface of the earth.

That’s all function of world mapthat you must know. And now we all know how much function that we can take fromthis tools. Especially for you that wanna go to some place that you didn’t knowbefore.

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