Check Here, Reveal Your Personality Through How You Arrange Houses

Apart from love or hate, cleaning activities can actually be a mirror of yourself. A person’s personality may be illustrated by how they wash dishes and store clothes in the house.

Conversely, by paying more attention to how you manage the space around, you can learn more about your personality. The same applies to other people.

If you want to try reading the character of someone you just met, just visit their home.

The following are some of the most popular daily habits along with psychological problems and a picture of the personality of someone behind it, quoted from Bright Side, Saturday (05/18/2019):

1. All Trash Is Hidden in Drawers, Cabinets and Boxes


At first glance, their apartment or room might look perfect: the floors are clean, the books are neatly arranged, the choice of wallpaper is also appropriate.

But as soon as you look inside the kitchen drawer or shelf in the closet, you might see broken scissors or pens, old credit cards, or tangled clothes.

The way a person shows the best in everything is characteristic of people with dramatic personality types.

Usually they like to show the best side of their personality and do many things especially to impress others. It’s easier for these people to hide all old and useless items than throw them away or sort them.

Often, it is more important for them to make their residence or home look attractive than to make it clean.

2. Messy Workspace


Work space is one of the most attractive places in an apartment in terms of psychology. Some people sort everything into folders and put folders on the shelf.

Others mix everything. All paper, pens, plates, pencils, laptops: these things take up space and are covered in dust. This can indicate high self-esteem and immaturity.

If your desk is a mess, you can still actively work there and can easily find whatever you need. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

Not infrequently messy tables are indicators of creative and inventive personality.

If you often have to do other things besides typing (such as writing something, drawing, or something else), there is a high chance that your workplace doesn’t look very clean. But on the other hand, maybe you often have unusual and creative ideas.

3. Washing Dishes, Laundry Baskets, or Full Trash Can


Very few people can say that they like cleaning. But some people hate him so much that the activity really becomes frightening: they collect all the garbage on their balconies during the winter or put all the dirty dishes in the sink until they realize they don’t have the clean plates left.

Procrastination is a problem that many people must face. This often happens in our daily tasks. And it seems far more logical to do a little work regularly, rather than doing a lot of things.

But in reality, people use reasons like, “I’m lazy,” “I don’t have time now,” or “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

If you notice that sometimes you procrastinate, try to start with small things.

Wash your dishes as soon as you eat, dispose of your garbage every day – this forms healthy habits to do everything on time. You will need this habit in more important parts of your life such as work or relationships with other people.

4. Feeling Alone


Some houses seem to only be used as beds. The place might be clean, have very little furniture, and almost no dishes.

Sometimes they don’t even have a stove, fridge or other things needed. This apartment is very popular among students who really spend a little time in it.

However, the older a person is, the more comfort and order they want in their lives. If the place looks empty but the person spends a lot of time there, it might indicate some psychological problems.

One of them is immaturity: adults are still waiting for someone to appear and make a comfortable place for them. For example, they think they will find a future partner and make the apartment feel comfortable.

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