3 Benefits of a Plan in Daily Life

Benefits of a Plan in Daily Life

Benefits of a Plan in a Day’s Life! When we hear the word plan, we will definitely be drawn to a flat image that simply shows a theme or location. Most of us often assume that the map and floor plan are the same, in fact. both of these things (maps and floor plans) are a different matter even though in the same function.



Theoretically according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) floor plan is a picture that shows the location of the city, roads, design drawings (houses, buildings, etc.). Benefits of plans for the world of education and also in everyday life.



While the map is a picture or painting on paper and so on which shows the location of land, sea, river, mountain, etc. representation through images of an area that states properties, such as regional boundaries, surface properties.

Both theories regarding the definition of maps and floor plans, we simply have an understanding and assumption that plans and maps are two things in common. Whereas if we review and study more deeply, then the plans and maps have differences.

A difference in Plan and Map

Where are the differences? The difference between floor plan and map can be seen from the concept, understanding, and its application in science and real life. The plan is more specific where the floor plan can show the location (building) completely with the image made (taken) horizontally by removing the upper part of the building so that the space of the building can be seen and studied, but the plan coverage is not too broad.

Whereas maps are wider and more comprehensive or more general and pay attention to the scale of the comparison between the distance on the map and the original distance.

In accordance with the understanding of the plan, which is theoretically that the plan is a picture that shows the location of the city, roads, design drawings (houses, buildings, etc.).

Then the function of the plan is certainly to help us find a place, location, or building that is intended. With the plan, the destination will be easier to find because the plan provides complete information about a place and the plan can be learned easily. Unlike the map where maps are wider, more comprehensive and more general.

What are the Benefits of a Daily Life Plan?

Benefits of Plan

If we refer to the plan function, the benefits of the plan will not deviate from the plan function itself. What are the benefits of the floor plan? With the plan, the search for a location will be easier. Because the plan provides the information needed regarding street names, reference buildings, and others.

However, plans are usually only used for locations that are searched not far from our location. If for example, we want to find a remote location, for example, outside the province, maps can also be used to help us. Referring to the benefits of the plan, the floor plan is also useful to minimize confusion for someone who is looking for a place. Prevent fatal things when the disaster occurs.

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